Thursday, February 12, 2009

Even lawyer's make money with social media.

I was pleasantly surprised by Kevin O'Keefe's "How can a lawyer make money from social media?" blog. It reminded me of the dot-com boom, when cat food companies thought they would get rich selling bulk cat food online instead of going to the grocery store. When the boom crashed, the cat food salesmen said "you can't make money online, it's all hype" and every other failed company said similar things. Then came Web 2.0 and lots of real revenue streams opened up and money came flooding in by the millions and billions; Yes i wish i thought of YouTube, selling for 1 & 1/2 billion dollars.

Anyway, there is definitely something similar is going on with Social Media Marketing, the nay sayers claiming social media doesn't make money, are disappointed because their version of cat food isn't selling and the only conclusion is it doesn't work.

Social Media Marketing is coming into it's own, the same way Web 2.0 did. It's revenue power by is only going towards those who understand how to use it.

Take a look at Kevin's post, if a lawyer can do it, anybody can!
Also check out the 2 links to Social Media Marketing examples from big companies, if you still think social media doesn't make money after reading these, then
there is probably no hope for you after all/

Kevin O'Keefe's How can a lawyer make money from social media?
Being Peter Kim Social Media Marketing Examples from Many Big Corporations

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obama's Top 5 Social Media Sites -

Obama is no doubt historic in many ways. In regards to social media, he is the first President to truly embrace the tools that build and contribute to online communities. Social media has been an integral part of spreading his campaign message, drawing an unprecedented level of attention and money, and will continue to play a vital role in his time as president.

Here are the top 5 social media tools Barack Obama uses to broadcast his message, while showing history what it means to be a social media president.

Here are the top 5 tools in his arsenal.

1) - - youtube Hands down the number one social media factor in determining Obama's success. Whether sponsoring presidential debates with CNN, replaying the most exciting arguments from news talk shows,re-broadcasting expensive TV ads for free, or hosting video blogs of supporters, Youtube played the biggest role in delivering Obama's message. It will continue to play a big role as Obama gives the nation his weekly presidential address on his youtube channel.

2) - - facebook With 3,949,249 supporters and groups like Students for Barack Obama, which reached 3.2 million people, facebook is the number one online friend site helping Barack spread his message.

3) - - digg As the number one social book marking news site, Digg brought more views to Obama supported news than any other Social news site. Having it's own political section and getting 20 million unique visitors a month while being promoted by the large tv networks didn't hurt, giving them the number 3 slot on this list.

4) - - myspace With 1,106,814 friends, Barack expanded his reach to his supporters,who in turn re posted news through myspace bulletins. Using this method, his campaign reached millions more people utilizing the trust between myspace members to expand his message.

5) - propeller Like Digg, this Aol owned social media news site was integral in getting Obama elected. However,unlike Digg, it's bias was a little less liberal and it's users chose many more stories equal in footing, or in favor of John McCain during the campaign.

runner up: Twitter!

6) - twitter With 168,210 following, 144,000 twitter users never had any question about what Obama was doing. Now he has taken over the @thewhitehouse account, the Twitter account previously maintained by the Bush Administration.